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Fundamentals of Energy
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Our Town Microgrid Challenge
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Greenhouse Effect
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Conducting a Classroom Energy Audit
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Exploring Green Jobs
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Ecological Footprint
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CT Energy Education has created a number of presentations that can be used in the classroom.
Some of these are directly linked here, while some are noted as part of particular lessons.
12 Steps to a Sustainable School (12 Steps to Sustainablity Lesson)
CT Energy Education has links to a number of great videos in our lessons:
Yucca Mountain Video (Nuclear Waste Disposal Lesson)
Rube Goldberg Machines (Rube Goldberg Challenge Lesson)
Cat-Traption Animation (Cat-Traption Lesson)
Stabilization Wedges Explanation  (Stabilization Wedges Lesson)
CT Energy Education is hosting a series of Webinars in the fall of 2011
Contact Laurel to register to attend any of the webinars. Webinars are held at 3 pm and last from 30-45 minutes. The connection is via your computer. There is a toll free phone connection for best audio quality.
To view the webinar archive you will need to download the viewing software.


resource topic

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Your Source of Energy--lesson

Thursday, Oct. 6

Connecticut Energy Issues--background

Wednesday, Oct. 12

Green Jobs--lesson

Monday, Oct. 17

Energy in the 9.3 Unit

Monday, Oct. 31

Rube Goldberg/Cat-Traption--lesson

Wednesday, Nov. 2

Stabilization Wedges--lesson

Monday, Nov. 7

12 Steps to a Green School

Tuesday, Nov. 8

How Electricity is Generated --lesson

Monday, Nov. 14

Ecological Footprint & Extensions --lesson

Tuesday, Nov. 15

Nuclear Energy--lesson

Monday, Nov. 21

Carbon Cycle Game--lesson

Monday, Nov. 28

Greenhouse Effect--lab