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Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse effect and its link to Climate Change can be an abstract concept for some students. This lesson ties together readings and an experiment that help students apply information to a lab situation. The lesson includes readings from, and an inquiry lab measuring the effect of carbon dioxide and temperature change in an enclosed environment.
Using this lesson in your classroom
This lab is best conducted after student complete the reading, answer the questions and then experiment with baking soda and vinegar to create CO2 . The teacher packet includes a standard "cookbook” lab for your comparison, and an inquiry lab exploring the same questions.
Grade Level:
  • 9.3 D8
  • 9.5 D14
  • 9.7 D19, D20
  • 9.8 D23
  • 9.9 D25, D26
  • DINQ 1-7, 9-10
Student Materials
Greenhouse Effect Student Assignment (240.0 KB)
Understanding Climate Change Reading (4.0 KB)
Teacher Materials
Greenhouse Effect Lesson (239.5 KB)