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Stabilization Wedges Game

This lesson and game was created to emphasize the need for early action in order to find solutions to the greenhouse gas problem. This game introduces the concept that no single action will be sufficient and only through a combination of many actions will a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide over the next 50 years be avoided. Adapted from: Stabilization Wedges: A Concept and Game
Using this lesson in your classroom

The core purpose of this game is to convey the scale of effort needed to avoid a doubling of CO2 and dramatic climate change by 2055. By the end of the exercise, students should understand the magnitude of human-sourced carbon emissions and feel comfortable comparing the effectiveness, benefits, and drawbacks of a variety of carbon-cutting strategies. The students should appreciate that there is no single, easy or “right” solution to the carbon and climate problem.

The "stabilization wedges" concept illustrates the scale of emissions cuts needed in the future, and provides a common unit for comparing the carbon mitigating capacities of various energy and storage technologies.

Grade Level:
9 - 12
  • 9.3 D9, 9.5 D13 D14, D INQ.2, D INQ.7, D INQ 9, D INQ 10
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Optional - 7 minute Flash Movie describing the Stabilization Triangle and briefly introducing the wedges.