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Putting Energy in Perspective

Putting Energy in Perspective was a part of the larger Introductions to Energy Use lesson.It can be used to illustrate to students the historical perspective of energy use over time in the United States, as well as presenting the possible courses that future energy use may offer.
Using this lesson in your classroom
Putting Energy in Perspective includes the reading A Short History of Energy and an activity creating a timeline of energy use from 1800 untill today. It is adapted from the Union of Concerned Scientists.
Materials Included:
  • Student Reading and Worksheet

  • Timeline Answer Key

In a second activity, students look at Home for the Holidays, and how energy impacts a holiday meal. They are asked to examine where foods come from, how they are cooked and stored. In a twist, they look back from 50-200 years to look for changes, and use their imaginations to forecast a meal of the future.

Grade Level:
7 - 12
7.4 C21
9.2 D 5
9.3 D 7, D 9
10.6 D43, D45
D INQ 10
Teacher Materials
Putting Energy in Perspective Lesson [0.0 KB]
Student Reading and Worksheet [0.0 KB]