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How Electricity is Generated

This lesson provides two student assignments designed to assist in learning the steps of electric power generation and the energy transformations involved in each of those steps.
Using this lesson in your classroom

Regardless of the fuel source, most of the generation of electricity has a common process. Some thing causes the motion of the rotor, the large electromagnet that produces the electricity.

Whether coal, gas, oil or nuclear power make steam to be used to make that movement, or wind and hydro use mechanical energy for the movement, the process is very similar.

The worksheet included in this lesson is based on an animation from JEA, a Florida power company. It is available online, or the image can be used as a paper-based lesson. The descriptions on the worksheet are matched by the students to the image.

Grade Level:
Grades 7-12
9.1 D 3
9.3 D 7, D 8, D 9
Student Materials
How Electricity is Generated Student Assignments [529.0 KB]
Teacher Materials
How Electricity is Generated lesson [93.0 KB]
How Electricity is GeneratedAnswer Key [188.0 KB]