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Introductions to Energy Use

Introductions to Energy Use can be used as an introduction to different kinds of energy units, including energy fuel sources, climate change related to energy use, and energy efficiency studies. The introductions can also be used to illustrate to students the historical perspective of energy use over time in the Unite States.
Using this lesson in your classroom

Introductions to Energy Use includes several lessons. These can be used together or separately. Teacher background information from the US Department of Energy talks about home energy use.


Home for the Holidays is a discussion activity to find out what your students know about our ever-changing transportation and energy systems. It is adapted from NESEA�s Cars of Tomorrow and the American Community.


Putting Energy in Perspective includes the reading A Short History of Energy and an activity creating a timeline of energy use from 1800 till today and into the future. It is adapted from a reading from the Union of Concerned Scientists


Where Electricity Comes From explores energy sources used to make electricity. It is adapted from NESEA�s Cars of Tomorrow and the American Community and the Energy Profile from the Connecticut 2006 Energy Plan.

Grade Level:
9- 12
9.2 D5
9.3 D 7, D 8, D 9
D INQ. 10
Teacher Materials
Introductions to Energy Use Lessons [1,599.5 KB]