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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy is an important source of energy, not only Connecticut, but the United States. The objective of this lesson is to introduce students to the concept of nuclear energy. Students will be able to describe how nuclear energy is generated through a nuclear chain reaction, be able to identify the process to convert nuclear energy to electricity, identify the physical barriers that protect us from an accidental release of nuclear material from the power plant, and discuss the governmental role of regulating the nuclear energy industry. This lesson is a great complement to the Nuclear Waste Disposal Lesson and the Radioactive Decay Lesson.
Using this lesson in your classroom
This lesson is designed to allow students to work in teams where each member has a role in the preparation of a presentation on a specific topic involving the generation of nuclear energy.  Students and teachers will also have the opportunity for further discussion.
Grade Level:
9 - 12
9.2 9.3 9.4 9.6 D INQ.10
Teacher Materials
Nuclear Energy Lesson [0.0 KB]
Nuclear Basics Power Point [3,347.5 KB]
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