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Energy in the 9.3 Standard Unit

This unit plan provides resources and a format for teachers to comprehensively address the 9.3 Connecticut Science Standard: “Various sources of energy are used by humans and all have advantages and disadvantages.” The unit is set up in a layered curriculum that may be used as a whole or in parts. The comprehensive unit provides base knowledge activities at the “C Level”, and growth activities at the “B Level” and “A Level”.
Using this lesson in your classroom
Each level option has student choice activities, allowing for differentiation for many learning levels and styles. Teachers may also choose to adjust requirements to meet the needs of students and time allowed.

Materials Included:


Lesson Plans with rubric, worksheets and instructions for use.


Video, Resource and data links including power point lectures on energy sources.

For a quick link to the resources view our 9.3 Resource Page
Grade Level:
9.3 D7, D8, D9
Student Materials
9.3 Vocab Sheet [39.0 KB]
Teacher Materials
Energy in the 9.3 Standard Lesson [2,854.5 KB]
Unit Plan Materials [2,841.0 KB]
9.3 Resource Page [96.0 KB]
Fossil Fuel Power Point [3,577.0 KB]
How Electricty is Generated Power Point [1,154.5 KB]
Hydrogen Power Point [3,566.5 KB]
Nuclear Energy Power Point [2,145.5 KB]
Renewable Energy Power Point [5,089.5 KB]