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Personal Wedges Game

This lesson and game was created to empower students to decrease CO2 emissions in their lives now and provide ways they can continue to decrease CO2 emissions over the next 50 years. The game was designed to be used in combination with the Stabilization Wedges Game. This combination allows students to see the contributions of CO2 on a world wide basis and then bring it to a more personal level. As with the Stabilization Wedges, the overarching message is that reduction of CO2 emissions will not be done with a singe action but with a combination of many actions built upon over years. Adapted from: Stabilization Wedges: A Concept and Game http://www.princeton.edu/~cmi/resources/stabwedge.htm
Using this lesson in your classroom

This game, like the Stabilization Wedges Game could be played in a number of different ways according to the time available. The categories are Transportation, Home Energy, Waste and Recycling, and Food and Diet.

One class period - This game could be played at the completion of a greenhouse gas/climate change module. Suggestions for carbon saving strategies/wedges can be given by the teacher or, students could brainstorm on what types of action could make a difference going forward. Descriptions of many are provided in the above listed categories. The game itself could be played in one class period, either as a whole class with a facilitator or in small student groups with discussion following.

Two to four class periodsRecommended. At the completion of a greenhouse gas/climate change module, discuss the concept of carbon reduction. Discuss how each of us is responsible for CO2 emissions. Discuss the four categories, have students come up with ideas on how to save carbon dioxide emissions in each of these categories. During the following days, play the game and have each student/ student group develop an explanation of strategies/wedges they would use, now or in the future, and how much CO2 could be reduced.


Grade Level:
9.3 D8,9
9.7 D19
9.8 D23
9.9 D25, 26
DINQ 2, 7, 9, 10
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Personal Wedges Lesson [326.0 KB]
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