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Siting a Power Plant

Siting a Power Plant introduces the decision making process behind locating a power plant and choosing the type of fuel the plant should use. In this activity, students will determine if their town would be suitable for the placement of a new 200 MW electric generating power plant and the factors associated with making this decision.
Using this lesson in your classroom

Through research, students will determine what fuel types could be selected to fuel a new power plant in their town.

Fuel availability, fuel cost, environmental and social impacts, and power plant building costs will be explored.


  • What type of fuel will power new power plants?
  • Where will new power plants be built?


Fuels the class will examine include:

Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar and Fuel Cells

Grade Level:
9 - 12
9.3 D7, D8, D9, 9.6 D18, 9.8 D23, D INQ2, D INQ 9, D INQ 10
Student Materials
Power from Your Fuel [0.0 KB]
Fuel Information Worksheet [0.0 KB]
Environmental Impacts Worksheet [0.0 KB]
Electricity Production Worksheet [0.0 KB]
Teacher Materials
Siting a Power Plant Lesson [0.0 KB]
Connecticut Electricity Overview Reading [0.0 KB]
CT Electricity Infrastructure Map [0.0 KB]
CT Wind Energy Map [0.0 KB]
CT Electricity Usage Map [0.0 KB]