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Fundamentals of Energy
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Greenhouse Effect
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Conducting a Classroom Energy Audit
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Exploring Green Jobs
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Connecticut Energy Education is funded by Connecticut electric ratepayers through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund
The materials in the program are designed for use by Connecticut high school teachers and focus on the Connecticut Science Framework Standards for the 9th grade.
All are welcome to use the materials and many lessons are applicable to middle school to college level classes. Connecticut Energy Education lessons have a Connecticut and regional energy use tie, allowing students to understand complex energy issues and the challenges facing us now and into the future. Users from other areas should research issues from their region.


The Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University provides the educational materials, development and administration for Connecticut Energy Education
The CT Energy Education project has been guided by a Stakeholder group of Connecticut educators and energy professionals.
Members of the group include:


Art Marcelynus

CT State Department of Education

Liz Buttner
Mary Anne Butler
CSSA CT Science Supervisorsí Association

Dave Lopath

CSTA CT Science Teachersí Association

Norm Barstow

CESTA CT Earth Science Teachersí Association
Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration

Roxanne Hosking
Christine Moses

Public Utilities

Ed Schmidt
Tyfannie Mack
John Mutchler
Pat McDonnell

Preservice Teachers/ Higher Ed

Dr. Jeanelle Day

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund

Bryan Garcia
Angela Perondi-Pitel


Diane Joy
Lynn Stoddard


Marty Swanhall
Joan Taraskiewicz
Dr. Robert Houle
Jake Mendelssohn


Dr. Fred Loxsom

Distance Learning Specialist

Dr. Catherine Tannahill