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Fundamentals of Energy
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Energy in the 9.3 Standard Unit
Climate Change
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Greenhouse Effect
Energy Efficiency
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Conducting a Classroom Energy Audit
Green Jobs
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Exploring Green Jobs
Green Schools
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12 Steps to a Sustainable School
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Welcome to Connecticut Energy Education!

We are a curriculum resource for educators featuring the energy topics in the Connecticut high school curriculum. Issues and topics are explored with a Connecticut focus, and with an emphasis on solutions that students can implement. We offer information, lessons, labs and activities in:



Green Jobs

Green Schools

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To view the CT Energy Education Connecticut Science Framework Correlation Grid, click here.

To learn more about questions you may have about Connecticut energy information, including Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Options, Utility Information for Restructuring, Energy Assistance, Environmental Issues, Consumer Issues and Research & Public Policy, visit Connecticut Energy Information at www.CTEnergyInfo.com

Connecticut Energy Education is funded by Connecticut electric ratepayers through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund. The Institute for Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University provides the educational materials, development and administration for the program.